At The Standard Hair

we strive to be a premiere destination for hair extensions and color not only in Michigan, but in the Midwest.

Whether our clients are looking to attain the mermaid hair of their dreams or the perfect color that has always escaped them in the past.

The Standard Hair came to be because Michelle (owner) was tired of the “traditional” salon atmosphere. She wanted to create a place for clients to come and feel confident they’d be walking out with the hair that they wanted, but also to create an atmosphere where her team could thrive, together and as individuals.

meet michelle

By the time I had come to the place in my career where I was feeling ready to venture out on my own and open a salon, I knew that I wanted to create a place with an environment different than is typical in the beauty industry. I wanted our guests to not only love their hair when they left, but to genuinely enjoy the time they spent at The Standard. I have been told countless times by so many guests that they love coming to get their hair done because my staff is always so fun and friendly, which is all I ever wanted at the start of this crazy journey.

owner and lead stylist

My business journey began when I moved to Lansing to attend Douglas J for cosmetology school. I began working as Michelle’s assistant in school because The Standard offers a level of education I could never get at any other salon. The thing I value most in the world is time spent with my boyfriend and my family. Something that sets me apart as a stylist is that I take continuing education very seriously and that I am a level 3 certified NBR stylist.



I wanted a job that would be creative and artistic but also allow me to maintain a flexible enough schedule to be able to spend quality time with my family and friends. My family is the most important thing in the world to me. I’d like my clients to know that everyone’s hair is a journey, and that while almost any color and cut is achievable for each individual, the amount of time required to reach that goal can differ greatly from person to person.



I’ve always had a knack for being creative and felt an interest in the industry at a young age. I value time with my family and love to take any opportunity to be able to go on a vacation. I love Chinese food and I am currently expecting my second child.


Ever since I gave my first Barbie a buzz cut (don't worry, I've improved since then) I knew my passion was to do hair. In 2018 I graduated from Davison High School. During High School I attended Genesee Career Institute Cosmetology program.
Pursuing my hair career at The Standard is going to allow me to be creative, while pushing me to my utmost potential while learning from the best. At The Standard I will learn how to provide professional solutions to make you look fabulous. In addition, I want to make your time with me a pleasant and relaxing break to your day. Something that holds close to my heart is time spent with my boyfriend, family and most of all my fur babies.

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My journey started when Michelle reached out to me to work as a receptionist. I was already interested in attending cosmetology school at the time so I thought it would be a great way to get my feet wet in the industry. I really value time with my friends and family, as well as taking “me” time in order to maintain balance in life. I finished my bachelor’s degree in communication after I began working at The Standard, and I am thrilled to begin cosmetology school this fall to pursue my true passions in life. I hope that someday my future clients will know that their satisfaction is important to me, and that I will always give my all in order to help them achieve the hair they’ve always wanted, as well as to arm them with the knowledge to look and feel their best every day.


Being creative is a passion of mine and it always has been. When it comes to hair, I have the freedom to be as creative as I want. I value bringing light to people’s everyday lives, as well as my friends, family, and all the people who support me. I want my clients to know that with every hair problem you have I will always put my best foot forward and find a solution for you. Something that sets me apart is that learning braids is a hobby of mine and I am seriously dedicated to giving you good hair. I love to hike and I’m a huge outdoor person. I love movies, specifically horror and comedy, and I live for fall and fall colors.